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Gen Power Solutions

Maintain your POWER uninterrupted

About Us

What we do best SERVICE

Whatever the reason may be, Gen Power Solutions provides maintenance and services when

you need it, where you need it, 24/7, backed-up by timely, reliable, round-the-clock and

efficient technical and maintenance services by qualified and experienced technical

personnel. Our aim is to provide uninterrupted emergency power supply to all our

customers. We are focused on serving our customers by providing exceptional value for

money with high level of service and reliability.

What we OFFER

We offer onsite/on board maintenance, trouble shooting, repair and testing of all

ranges of diesel engines and generators

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Give us a call today and let us take charge of your power emergency generator 


Installation and Service


Fully equipped with all tools & resources for installations, service repairs: 

Lifting Crane

Workshop Facility

Parts Procurement

Fault Diagnostics Tool

Calibrated Measuring Instruments

Generator Refurbishment 

Fuel Management


Work smarter and faster with our automated fuel management and delivery options providing fuel replenishment with enhanced security and control for all your locations.

Maintenance Plans


  Regular Maintenance is a key component to your generator’s longevity and functionality. With a Generator Maintenance Plan you have successfully completed the first step in protecting your investment; this is the best way to insure your generator will be ready when needed.

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